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"The Hawaiian legacy, connecting the sacred through story and human form, is beauty in motion. What a unique gift in being able to perform such interpretation of Love through and with the body."
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(a correction in the article: Ho'oponopono is not hula.  It is one of the most ancient values and practices in the Hawaiian culture to bring peaceful resolution to conflict within the family and between individuals.) 

E Komo Mai - You are invited to
a Hawaiian Potluck and Ho'ike (Hula Presentation)
Saturday, September 24
at our new home - the Hendersonville Racquet Club


Hawaiian Hula in North and South Carolina
Embodied Spirituality for Women

Living the Aloha Spirit, the Hawaiian Way of the Heart,  teaches a path of spiritual development, helping women to harmonize Heart, Mind and Spirit.  Aloha is about the ancient ways of universal truth and all that is.  It is about actively pursuing the qualities of Love (Aloha), Forgiveness (Kala), Harmony (Pono) and Caring (Malama) that constitutes a life of kindness and compassion towards all. 

One of the main ways this is shared is through Hawaiian Hula.    It is a spiritual practice of living and expressing love.  Also called Embodied Spirituality, it is about taking the essence of love into our bodies through our breath and expressing it out to the world through the movements of the dance.  It helps women of all ages, sizes and ethnicities to experience their inner beauty and flow, and a better sense of who they are, through having a stronger self-image and feeling of self-confidence.  Hula is a source of joy to beholders and dancers alike.

In having the opportunity to go back and reconnect with this ancient knowledge and way of living, that is all about maintaining the peaceful harmony of the family ('ohana);  we have a precious resource in our modern world that is punctuated with so much stress, chaos and uncertainty.  By helping us to remember through Love that we are all one people - one family, regardless of the country, culture or background that we originate from, we can maintain harmonious relations with our heart, mind & spirit, the sacred land and the human family to co-create the world and the life we want in our everyday reality. 

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