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"The Hawaiian legacy, connecting the sacred through story and human form, is beauty in motion. What a unique gift in being able to share such interpretation of Love through and with the body."
Bold Life Magazine
(a correction in the article: Ho'oponopono is not Hula.  It is one of the most ancient values and practices in the Hawaiian culture to bring peaceful resolution to conflict within the family and between individuals.)  

Hawaiian Storytelling and Sacred Dance
Soothing Heart, Mind & Spirit

Halau Hula Pu'uwai O Aloha and the Hawaiian Cultural Awareness Education Program came out of my own personal journey.  In looking for answers to the challenges I was experiencing, especially as a woman and why I was here; I found myself drawn in the late 80's to this ancient way of living.  I especially connected to  how Hula is healing, with how it helped my body, mind and  spirit to heal from physical and emotional traumas.  I felt I had come home. and it has helped me since then in continuing to survive some very hard times - those dark nights of the soul - and in how I live my life on a daily basis.  I feel so honored with all that my teachers have shared with me from this beautiful and rich culture and that I now have the opportunity to share with other women, helping them to find the same healing.

Aloha Nui! 
Kaleo Wheeler

            In Healing with Hula,
     Key elements addressed are:

  • The physical need for exercise (movement) in a fun mode.
  • The ongoing quest to keep the brain/mind active.
  • The soul’s hunger to grow and blossom in a nurturing and safe environment.

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