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"The Hawaiian legacy, connecting the sacred through story and human form, is beauty in motion. What a unique gift in being able to perform such interpretation of Love through and with the body."
"When watching Kaleo dance, you experience being totally involved with her as she is fully present in the world of the story she is sharing.  She draws the audience in to open their hearts and be a part of that story with her.  She is a wonderful example to dance students of all dance forms on how to be a storyteller through their dance. Absolutely beautiful!."                                                                         - Sekou McMiller, The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater

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(a correction in the article: Ho'oponopono is not hula.  It is one of the most ancient values and practices in the Hawaiian culture to bring peaceful resolution to conflict within the family and between individuals.) 

The Hawaiian Culture Awareness Education Progam

A Cultural Education about the Hawaiian
system of  "Living with Aloha"

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A Non-traditional School of Hawaiian Hula

The Heart of Aloha Center offers a refreshingly different way to help women to create harmony and balance in all our relationships, starting with ourselves.  It is grounded in a system that comes from the ancient Hawaiian culture. The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated group of islands on the planet. Thousands of years ago, it was imperative for them to create a way of living for them to survive, that enabled them to live in a peaceful co-existence together and to resolve conflict with ease through positive communication and forgiveness. This system is called Living the Aloha Spirit. We are so fortunate that the Hawaiians are now choosing to share this knowledge and way of living with those of us here on the Mainland.

For the last 27 years, Kaleo Wheeler has had the opportunity to live and study with master teachers in Hawai'i and on the mainland and is now sharing what was given to her with others through classes and presentations, especially through their ancient art of storytelling - the Hula. The Hawaiians did not have a written form until the missionaries arrived in the 1800's, so their history, genealogy and insights into life were shared through the stories found in their songs, chants and expressed through hula. Hula is still what holds the Hawaiian culture together today with so many Hawaiians living off-island..  

Kaleo is also a Cultural Awareness Consultant and Presenter. She offers learning opportunities to understand the Hawaiian culture and lifestyle and how it can help us in today's world to maintain harmony and balance in all our relationships - with our heart, mind and spirit, the sacred land and the human family. Hawaiian Storytelling is available for private parties, such as birthday or anniversaries; senior residences; and charity and corporate events.  The Cultural Awareness Programs are offered to both adults and keiki (young ones) in presentations and classes through schools, libraries and community and healing centers. 

The Heart of Aloha Center and the Halau Pu'uwai O Aloha came out of my own personal journey.  In looking for answers to the challenges I was experiencing, especially as a woman and why I was here; I found myself drawn to this ancient way of living in the late 80's, especially with the Hula, which helped my body and spirit to heal from physical and emotional traumas.  I felt I had come home. and it has helped me since then in continuing to survive some very hard times - those dark nights of the soul - and in how I live my life on a daily basis.  I feel so honored with all that my teachers have shared with me and that I now have the opportunity to share with other women

Aloha nui! 
Kaleo Wheeler

Kaleo Dancing with Her Hula Sisters at a Ho'ike on Kaua'i in 2005

Upcoming Classes and Workshops in March at the Heart of Aloha Center
in Spartanburg SC

Ongoing Weekly Classes on Tuesday nights
6:15pm - 7:45pm,

An Introductory Workshop in Hula
the 4th Saturday of every month 
a prerequisite to join the Tuesday night class
The Workshop is limited to 5 women, so Register early and save your spot

Greenville SC
An Introductory Hula Workshop 
Saturday, May 5              10:30am to 1:30pm
Location: TBA
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Private Sessions 
In person at the Heart of Aloha Center
Online on Skype

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