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Living with Aloha: A Woman's Path to Empowerment

Positive Communication and Ease in Conflict Resolution


Creating Spiritual Partnership and a Peaceful Coexistence in All Your Relationships
through the Ancient Art of Hawaiian Communication & Ho'oponopono ("to make right")
Many of women today still experience: 
  • a world of assumptions, presumptions and lack of respect for our visions and dreams from others, making us feel small, insignificant and in doubt of our true inner essence as the incredible and empowered being  we know ourselves to be.
  • always second-guessing and shapeshifting ourselves to what others want to be loved and  accepted
  • Getting lost in the ‘rac-a-rac-a-rue” of our minds, losing touch with the Voice of our Heart and losing pleasure from seeing, hearing, doing, feeling and imagining what we like and see ourselves doing in our lives
  • Being in relationships over and over that are filled with feelings of separation, conflict and criticism instead of loving kindness, compassion, praise and forgiveness
A Women's Empowerment will help you to experience how to:
  • embody concrete, easy-to-learn practices that will help you to actively pursue the qualities of Aloha (Love), Kala (Forgiveness), Pono (Harmony) and Malama (caring) that constitutes a life of kindness and compassion towards all. 
  • Become a Magnet for Happiness by building a high degree of “enjoyment energy” rather than “motivational desire energy” through using anything that happens in your life, good or bad, as an opportunity to increase the good and happiness in yourself and in the world around you. 
  • be more in balance with your emotions, especially anger and fear, so they work for you rather than against you in creating the life you want
  • live your life in a graceful and spiritual way through praise, encouragement and appreciation for yourself and others
  • experience a spiritual practice of Loving Actions that will both make you a more spiritually behaving person and make an impact on your relationship.
  • create “Spiritual Partnerships” in your relationships where you encourage and support each other in fulfilling your soul’s destiny to actualize your full potential in the world 
A Women's Empowerment  came out of my own personal journey.  In looking for answers to the challenges I was experiencing especially as a woman and why I was here, I found myself drawn to this ancient way of living that is all about maintaining the harmony of the Heart, Mind and Spirit and caring for each other.  In the Hawaiian tradition, "Spirituality" is about actively pursuing the qualities of character that constitute a life of goodness and love.  It is about one who goes to great lengths to cultivate the qualities of loving-kindness, compassion, forgiveness and mercy in their lives.  A "spiritual person" is one who has grown to appreciate profoundly the complexities and uniqueness of each person's particular path.  I felt I had come home.

--Kaleo Wheeler

In having the opportunity to go back and reconnect with this ancient knowledge and way of living, that is all about family ('ohana) and caring for each other, we have a wonderful opportunity to learn how to go forward by looking deep within to our spiritual understanding and empowerment of ourselves.  It is a precious resource in our modern world that is punctuated with so much stress, chaos and uncertainty, by helping us to remember through Love that we are all one people - one family, regardless of the country, culture or background that we originate from.  It helps us to maintain harmonious relations with our heart, mind & spirit, the sacred land and the human family to co-create the world and the life we want in our every day reality.
A Women's Empowerment is offered through trainings, Retreats, Private Consultations and Coaching Sessions.
There will be a 7-Week Teleconference Program starting on January 22nd.

If you are in or close to the Spartanburg SC area, there is an introductory workshop on Saturday, January 20
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You can also Schedule a Complimentary Positive Communication Session
to explore how Living with Aloha can transform your life and your relationships. 

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He’olina leo ka ke aloha ​- Joy is the Voice of Love