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Hawaiian Ha'a Hula


An In-Body Experience 
Balancing Heart, Mind & Spirit

Do you feel stuck in your head and out of touch with your body?

Do you have physical limitations that keep you from moving with grace and flow in your life?

Would you like some “time out” from the stresses and anxieties in your world?


Ha'a Hula is a moving meditation and spiritual practice, helping women to step out of the daily Pilikia (trauma and drama) that is so much  a part of today's world.  It helps women to take time for themselves to:

  • free the mind, unburden the soul and allowing for their creativity of expression that can be highly spiritual in nature
  • feel calm, empowered and radiant
  • experience better health, a better body image and self-esteem  
 “I love how ha'a hula makes me feel....so relaxed and at peace....The Spirit of Aloha just comes into my soul and lifts me....It is so wonderful, to learn the culture of Hawai'i through this moving meditation....It makes me feel beautiful."

In Hawai'i, the study of Ha'a Hula is a way of life to which many students and teachers dedicate their lives.  In Hawai’i, Ha'a Hula is the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people and the glue that keeps their culture together.  It embodies “Living the Aloha Spirit”.  More than just hello and goodbye, Aloha is a way of living and how the Hawaiians maintain the peaceful harmony of their ‘Ohana/family.  This is different from what is often interpreted by people on the mainland in their understanding of hula and the meaning of Aloha.
Ha'a Hula helps women of all ages, sizes and ethnicities to experience their inner beauty and flow, giving them a better self-image and sense of who they are. 

In Hawaiian culture,  Ha'a Hula is a treasured skill and ancient form of storytelling.  It is honored for its vitality, sacredness and historical content  Ha'a Hula touches hearts as well as minds, and it fills the soul and pleases the eyes. It is loved worldwide because it is a celebration of beauty, of people, of the land; of nature with its winds, soft rains, waterfalls and surf.  
“The hula is Hawai’i.  The hula is the history of our country.  The hula is a story itself if it’s done right.  And the hula, to me, is the foundation of life.  It teaches us how to live, how to be.  It is the ability to create one’s inner feelings and no one else’s.”   - Uncle George Na’ope, Kumu Hula

Ha'a Hula is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. Hula is not to be performed; Hula is to be lived. Hula doesn’t care about what you have been; hula cares about the person you are becoming. It is designed to help you live your life to its fullest, in loving kindness; and for it to be truly called hula, its essence and that of Living Aloha must be embodied. We, outside of Hawai'i, are so fortunate to have the opportunity ti experience this ancient knowledge and way of living through all that the Hawaiians are now choosing to share with us through Hula.

Ha'a Hula can be characterized as a universal language. It is everything that makes up the universe.  It was the Hawaiian form of communication before they had a written form when the missionaries arrived in the 1800's.  With its roots going back to prehistoric times, it is:ancient storytelling and the living history of the Hawaiian people, telling their myths and legends, stories and values through songs, chants, music and movement.

The movements are graceful, and it is structured in a way that enhances the sense of balance and harmony.  It also can resonate with anyone, not just Hawaiians.  It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, for as long as you love the Ha'a Hula you belong here.  It is truly the language of the heart.

"Hula is a gift to be shared because it can do so much to heal, cheer, and cleanse the soul. Hula is for the soul.  There are many people who can derive happiness and joy from the hula, just as they derive joy and happiness from other activities.  But hula is more….It can free the mind and unburden the soul, allowing for the creativity of expression that can be highly spiritual in nature."           -Auntie Aloha Dalire, Kumu Hula


Classes and Workshops at the Heart of Aloha Center
in Spartanburg SC

An Introductory Workshop in Hula 
the 4th Saturday of every month 
The Workshop is limited to 5 women, so Register early and save your spot

Private Sessions 
In person at the Heart of Aloha Center
Online on Skype

   Schedule a class or workshop for your private group as well

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