Hawaiian Cultural Awareness Presentations and Education Programs



Learning Opportunities for Keiki (young ones) and adults to understand, honor and respect  the indigenous, original people of Hawai’i  and how it can help us in today's world to maintain harmony and balance in all our relationships - with our heart, mind and spirit, the sacred land and the human family

This Hawaiian indigenous culture is part of the history of our country with Hawai'i being our 50th State. It is also a rich and beautiful culture that is all about community and caring for each other, that very few people have been aware of outside of Hawai'i, until recently.  For people who have been fortunate to visit the Islands, they can feel something special there, drawing them back to these beautiful Islands and people time and time again - from all over the world.  

With Hawai'i being one of the most isolated group of Islands on the planet, the ancient Hawaiians had to create a way of living to help to maintain harmony of the individual and family to survive.  This way of living - a formula/system for living, is called The Spirit of Alohawith its fundamental belief being: "unconditional love....for it is the outpouring and expression of unconditional kindness, hospitality, cooperativeness with humility, unity and graciousness that touches the world of others."   - from the book, Managing with Aloha

These beliefs are nothing new in our modern western world or from other spiritual traditions, such as "love thy neighbor as yourself".  But it is sometimes difficult to remember to live by these concepts with all the stress and challenges we find in today's world around us.   This Hawaiian "system" puts everything we already know into a simple and practical package to help us in remembering and putting into action how to actually live from love on a day to day and moment to moment basis. An example - when someone says Aloha as hello or goodbye, they are actually saying "I greet you with love" or "I leave with you love, wishing the very best for you in your life".  When someone makes and gives the gift of a Lei, these same intentions are placed in each flower as it is being made.  And when the Lei is placed around the shoulders and over the heart, it is believed that intention of love goes into their heart and stays there, even after the flowers or you die. it is because Love is eternal, no matter what.   

Before the missionaries and Maxwell Freedom Long brought a written form of language to Hawai'i in the late 1800's, they had a form of communication they created through movement.  It is Hula, an ancient form of storytelling unique to the Hawaiians Islands. Hula is called The Heartbeat of the Hawaiian People", and "The Language of the Heart"  It carried their historical records from one generation to the next, and is their living history, telling their myths and legends, stories and values through songs, chants and music accompanied by the movements.

Aloha Is....

how we say "Hello". 
what we say when we go.
Aloha means "love" in Hawaiian.  It's something we express without even tryin'.
saying "Have a nice day!"
giving someone special a lei. 
Aloha means you are kind and caring.  When you have a treat, you enjoy sharing.
helping one another.
pleasing your father and mother.
being hugged and kissed.
Aloha is....telling someone they are missed.
So be happy and share a smile.
That is Aloha...."Hawaiian style". 

                                 - Tammy Paikai

Kaleo has been fortunate to have lived and studied with master teachers both in Hawai'i and on the Mainland for 30 years. Kaleo is also Haole (non-Hawaiian), and she does not claim to be Hawaiian or an expert about their tradition and culture.  She does believe she can share what has been given and entrusted to her from her teachers to bring to non-Hawaiians here an the opportunity to go back and reconnect with this ancient indigenous way of living, especially for the young ones (keiki) to understand, honor and respect who the Hawaiian people were and still are today.  And In doing so, we can also learn how to go forward by remembering through Love that we are all one people - one family, regardless of the country, culture or background that we originate from. It can also help us to maintain harmonious relations with our heart, mind & spirit, the sacred land and the human family to co-create the world and the life we want in our every day reality.  And what a wonderful gift and message to be able to give to the children, especially at a time when it is so needed.  

This Hawaiian Cultural Awareness Education Program is offered to both adults and keiki in presentations and workshops through summer camps, libraries, clubs, organizations and community centers.  Kaleo is also an Artist-in-Resident through the SC Arts Commission, offering these programs in schools around the State.

"Auntie Kaleo, You are the best!  Thank you for the special memories.  We really appreciate you coming to our school and teaching us new things.  We loved the books, pictures, stories, dancing and playing the instruments too.  We had so much fun.  Come back again...."             -the Fairforest Elementary School 4K Kindergarten class

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He 'olina leo ka ke aloha - Joy is the Voice of Love