Ha'a Hula 

Ancient Hawaiian Storytelling & Therapeutic Dance

Healing & Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit


Ha’a Hula is one of the most important parts of the Hawaiian culture. It is ancient Storytelling through movement and Sacred Dance that is unique to the Hawaiian islands.  With not having a written language until the 1800’s, when the missionaries arrived, Ha’a Hula became the living history of the Hawaiian people.  The Hawaiian culture is called “The Way of the Heart” and is all about family and caring for each other.  It shares their myths and legends, stories and values through songs, chants and music accompanied by dance with descriptive hand gestures and rhythmic movement of feet and hips. It is the Heartbeat of the Hawaiian people and the glue that holds their culture together.  

“The hula is Hawai’i.  The hula is the history of our country.  The hula is a story itself if it’s done right.  And the hula, to me, is the foundation of life.  It teaches us how to live, how to be.  It is the ability to create one’s inner feelings and no one else’s.”   - Uncle George Na’ope, Kumu Hula

Ha'a Hula is also is a moving meditation, helping to heal your relationship between you and your body and your connection with the earth. It is also an energy dance, similar to the Chinese Tai Chi in how it releases muscular tension and energic blocks in the body through the slow and flowing movements.

Medical studies are showing the therapeutic physical benefits of Ha’a Hula, produced by the tempo, style and movements of the hula, so it is also a therapeutic dance form. 

“I love how ha'a hula makes me feel....so relaxed and at peace....The Spirit of Aloha just comes into my soul and lifts me....It is so wonderful, to learn the culture of Hawai'i through this sacred dance....It makes me feel beautiful."

Ha'a Hula touches hearts as well as minds, and it fills the soul and pleases the eyes. It is loved worldwide because it is a celebration of beauty, of people, of the land; of nature with its winds, soft rains, waterfalls and surf.  

No former dance experience is necessary.  The movements are graceful and it it is structured in a way that enhances the sense of balance and harmony.  It is a low-impact exercise, wonderful especially for the hips, legs, knees and arms.  It helps develop coordination, flexibility, self-confidence and good health, while also giving you an opportunity to express your creative expression. It is truly the language of the heart.

"Hula is a gift to be shared because it can do so much to heal, cheer, and cleanse the soul. Hula is for the soul.  There are many people who can derive happiness and joy from the hula, just as they derive joy and happiness from other activities.  But hula is more….It can free the mind and unburden the soul, allowing for the creativity of expression that can be highly spiritual in nature."           -Auntie Aloha Dalire, Kumu Hula

Ha'a Hula group classes and workshops are offered at the River House at Glendale Shoals in Spartanburg SC where women come to learn and do hula together with other hula sisters.  Private sessions are available at the River House and on Skype.  Opportunities to share hula with others are also avaible for the more advanced students (haumana). 

Kaleo and Haumana sharing hula at a Sacred Traditions and Rituals (S.T.A.R.) Service in Spartanburg SC

An Introductory Workshop in Healing With Hula - September 15, 2018
the 3rd Saturday of every month    
The Workshop is limited to 6 women, so Register early and save your spot

Private Sessions 
In person at the River House at Glendale Shoals and 
Online on Skype

   Schedule a class or workshop for your private group as well

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