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Hula Classes


"Hula is the language of the heart - therefore, the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people"

Prospective students who wish to undertake the study of the hula should understand that hula is held by many to be a serious endeavor, and that respect for Hawaiian cultural lifeways is appropriate, and will be appreciated.  This focus on the Hawaiian cultural ways can  be lost in teaching hula on the Mainland and to non-Island and non-Hawaiians, and not all students aspire to deep levels of knowledge and understanding.  The Halau Pu’uwai O Aloha offers several levels in studying the hula. Prospective students should take careful consideration to which level of commitment they wish to make.

Level I

An Intro to Hula Classes or Workshops
For the brand new student to learn the history of Hula as sacred dance, the basic Hula steps, hand movements, the Hawaiian words and terminology used in Hula and the basics of the Hawaiian culture, including Living the Aloha Spirit, to give them a foundation to move more easily into the ongoing Basic Classes more easily.

Basic Hula Classes
These classes are available for students who wish to have the opportunity to begin to learn this sacred dance.  The class introduces students to the basic hula steps, hand motions, Hawaiian language, chanting and songs. A basic understanding of the Hawaiian culture is shared as it pertains to the hulas being taught, including the concept of Living the Aloha Spirit, the foundation of everything that is Hawaiian. An Intro to Hula Class or Workshop is a prerequisite to join the ongoing Basic Hula Class.  The Instructor has final approval on readiness for joining the Basic Class.

Additional classes and workshops in other aspects of the Hawaiian culture in relation to hula are also available (additional fee).

 Level II (instructor approval required)
The Haumana Program

This is an opportunity, for those students interested, to commit to a more in depth study of the Hawaiian culture, language, hula and chant.  It helps the student to embrace hula more fully with the sacredness that permeates it, as a path of spiritual development.  (Basic Hula training is a prerequisite for joining Level II.  The length of basic hula training can be for a period of at least 6 months. The Instructor has final approval on readiness for entering Level II.)

  1. Additional classes and workshops are required in Level II.  These include:
    • a monthly book study group
    • chant classes
    • more indepth teachings on the history, culture, language and the deeper meaning of the hulas being taught

Student Dance Troupe
There is a possibility for those students who have been studying hula for a minimum of 6 months, and when the Instructor feels the student is ready, to join the Student Dance Troupe class and share hula at venues such as: senior residences, private parties and luaus and festivals; 

                 E komo mai kakou a me ka hula
Come Let's Dance
      A’ai ka hula, waiho ka hilihila i ka hale 
Dare to Dance, leave your embarrassment at home ​

Current Classes and Events in Spartanburg, SC:


Weekly Basic Classes on Tuesday nights, 6:15pm - 7:45pm, held at the Montgomery Student Center, Converse College in Spartanburg SC.  

An Introductory Workshop in Hula the last Saturday of every month - the next is Saturday, February 24

Weekly classes will also be offered in the Greenville SC in the near future.  Check back for more information, if you are in the Greenville area. 

Private Sessions are also available at the Heart of Aloha Center in Spartanburg or on Skype

You can also schedule a class or workshop for your private group as well.  

Kaleo also travels and offers Presentations and Workshops in other parts of the U.S.  Workshops are often combined with a Hawaiian Musical Storytelling Concert as an introduction to the workshop.   

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