Hula For Health

A Different Way to Exercise for Rehabilitation and to Maintain Your Health & Well Being
and it Is Creative & Fun

Hula has long been admired for its grace and beauty. Few realize that it's also a great, yet gentle workout, blending the graceful movements of Hula into a unique fitness program that will improve your strength, flexibility and balance; both physical and spiritual. 

  • Anyone can learn hula regardless of age and most physical conditions
  • It helps relieve stress, anxiety and depression
  • It reverses the sign of aging, especially for the brain
  • Medical studies are showing the therapeutic benefits of hula, especially for cardiovascular rehabilitation
  • The basic 5 movements are simple, low impact and not stressful to the body  and release muscular tension and energetic blocks in the body
  • It can be done standing with the movement of your legs and body or as a sitting hula,
  • There is no right or wrong way to do it and no prior dance experience is necessary
  • Have fun playfully exploring your own creative expression through telling the story of the Hula with your arms and hands 
  • Enjoy the social interaction, that can have such an important influence on rehabilitation, in sharing Hula together


Contact Us to schedule a Hula For Health class for your independent and assisted living residents, your community center, your fitness or rehabilitation center.   Group, Private and Semi-Private Classes are available.

"Thank you for sharing your passion in helping us to experience how we can heal our hearts through hula!"
                                    -Kerri and Lori, the Heart Matters Support Group  Spartanburg SC


A’ai ka hula, waiho ka hilihila i ka hale 
Dare to Dance, leave your embarrassment at home ​