Restoring Yourself with Hula for Seniors

 A Different Way to Exercise and Maintain Your Health & Well Being

That Is Creative & Fun

Experience the warm sun of Hawai'i through their ancient form of storytelling - the Hawaiian Hula.  It is wonderful and creative form of exercise perfect for the senior community.

  • Anyone can learn hula regardless of age and most physical conditions
  • dance at the level that is comfortable for you
  • it can be done standing with the movement of your legs and body or as Noho Hula, a sitting hula,
  • helps to relieving stress, anxiety and depression and reverse the sign of aging, especially for the brain
  • Medical studies are showing the therapeutic benefits of hula
  • telling the story of the hula with your arms and hands
  • the basic 5 movements are simple, low impact and not stressful to the body  and release muscular tension and energetic blocks in the body
  • there is no right or wrong way to do it and no prior dance experience is necessary
  • have fun playfully exploring your own creative expression 

The Hawaiian tradition was oral with no written form until the arrival of the missionaries in the 1700’s, and this ancient form of storytelling unique to the Hawaiian Islands was how they shared the legends and stories of a culture grounded in love, gratitude, blessing and forgiveness as a way of living—what they call “the Aloha Spirit”.  

Those residents who have had the opportunity to visit the Hawaiian Islands will find themselves relieving their pleasant memories of when they were there. 

Contact Kaleo to schedule a Restoring Yourself with Hula workshop or class for your independent and assisted living residence or in your private community.  Group, Private or Semi-Private Classes available for you, your Friends or your community

A’ai ka hula, waiho ka hilihila i ka hale 
Dare to Dance, leave your embarrassment at home ​