The Portrait of Hawai'i 
for Adolescents and Young Women
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To help young women to feel more confident in themselves and  improve their self body image and confidence in how they move and interact with others in their world 
  • Hula is like a breath of life that helps us to deepen our understanding of ourselves
  • The  heartbeat of an ancient culture that is all about maintaining the harmony of the family and caring for each other
  • Ancient storytelling through the flowing movements of the hands and body
  • No dance experience is necessary and everyone dances at the level comfortable for them
The basic movements are simple and not stressful to the body.  No dance experience is necessary. Each participant dances at the level comfortable for them, either standing or sitting; and it is appropriate for any age.  
They are are very experiential; and depending on the age of the students (10 and above), can include:
  • learning about the Hawaiian tradition
  • learning the basic and hula steps 
  • learning how to "talk story", through descriptive hand gestures and rhythmic movements of their body
  • learning a simple hula, The Dance of the Elements, that is about our connection to Nature and the Land, what the Hawaiians call the 'Aina. The students are encouraged to be creative in how they express the movements of the different elements of Nature - the sun, the moon, the stars, etc. 
A Series of Weekly Ongoing Classes and Summer Camp Programs
This program will expand on the basic hula class or workshop to give the students a fuller experience of the Hawaiian culture.  It can include:
  • Going into a deeper understanding of the Hawaiian Islands 
    • geographically
    • geologically
    • historically
  • Learning:
    •  a fuller concept of the Hawaiian culture through their Traditional Hula, concerning 'ohana (family) and caring for each other, which also includes the 'aina (the land and Nature)
    • Traditional Hulas and Mele (songs)
    •  words and phrases in Hawaiian and the difference to our English language
    •  Hawaiian games, and mele (songs) and Hawaiian stories 
    •  the meaning of the word "Aloha", the foundation of everything "Hawaiian", also called the "Way of the Heart"
    •  the Hawaiian crafts through those used in hula to promote the sharing of talents, creativity and knowledge:
      • making their own leis
      • creating a "costume" for themselves
      • creating rhythm instruments that can improve their confidence and math ability
There will also be visual presentations through videos and power point presentations.

Ages are from 4th to 12th Grade

Classes are taught by Kaleo Wheeler, the Director of the Halau Pu'uwai O Aloha

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