Kaleo Wheeler

Kaleo Wheeler is the Founder and Director of the Heart of Aloha, an organization bringing an awareness and understanding of the ancient indigenous traditions, especially the Hawaiian and their Healing Arts, to help people to have a better understanding of what these ancient cultures are about and to help adult and young women to create HeartFull Relationships within themselves and within all their relationships. 

Kaleo is:

A Hawaiian Cultural Awareness Instructor and Storyteller 
An Artist-in-Resident through the SC Arts Commission 
A Heart-Based Empowerment Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor to Women
A Hula Practitioner and Instructor, sharing the ancient indigenous/therapeutic dance of Hawai'i 
An Ordained Spiritual Minister and Director of the Heart of Aloha Healing Ministry 
An Officiate for Wedding Ceremonies and Celebrations of Life
A Musical Storyteller and Recording Artist, with her solo CD, Ulana, the Way of  the Heart
A Body/Mind/Spirit Acupressurist through Lokahi Acupressure
A Contributing Author of the book, A Complete Guide to Acupressure

Kaleo's Background

Kaleo's passion in working with women comes from her own personal life experiences and wanting to help women to reach their full potential in life.  Her journey in her own personal healing, starting from trauma early in her life that took her to study and explore several different indigenous cultures, as well as several modern body/mind integration techniques.  They include being a Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure authorized senior teacher and certified acupressurist since 1988, a certified therapeutic music practitioner since 2005, and a voice teacher and specialist since the early 80’s.

Kaleo has been an ordained spiritual minister since 1990, and she also apprenticed to a Native American Shaman, Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf, for 14 years.   She has conducted and officiated at ceremonies and celebrations of life since the late 80's; especially in helping women through ceremony, to connect to their Divine Feminine.

When she was introduced to the ancient Hawaiian culture in the late 80's, she knew she had "come home".  Since then, she has been fortunate and blessed to have lived and studied with Hawaiian Master Teachers, Kumu Hula and Kahunas, both in Hawai'i and on the Mainland.  She lived and studied Hawaiian Spirituality through Living the Aloha Spirit with Kahiliopua Wong Bretlinger in the early 90’s. 

Auntie Pua introduced to her to the teachings of Aunty Pilahi Paki, an elder who brought back the deeper more esoteric meaning of Aloha in the 1950's, in how it is about expressing love in each moment and wishing each other the very best in life.  Auntie Pilahi's vision was in seeing a Lei of Aloha being shared around the world to bring transformation and peace. This message of Aloha touched Kaleo's heart, and it has become the foundation of everything she does. Aunty Pua also gifted her with her Hawaiian name; and to honor this gift, she took "Kaleo" on as her legal first name in 2005.  Kaleo also studied Huna with Serge Kahili King in the late 80’s and 90's and Huna Mua with Phil Young in the late 90's.  She has been offering workshops and classes in these teachings since the mid 90’s.

Kaleo was fortunate to have also learned the indigenous dance and ancient form of storytelling unique to the Hawaiian Islands, their traditional Hula. Hula helped her to finally heal and restore her body from the traumatic experiences she had, starting in her early childhood.  As a result of these experiences, Kaleo had been barely able to dance in any way with how contracted and tight her body had become, even though she had loved to dance as a young child. Through Hula and this beautiful culture, her body began to find that freedom and joy of movement again, and why she is now so passionate in wanting to share it with other women. Kaleo began taking workshops and studied Hula with several different Kumu Hula, starting in the late 80’s.  They include Keith Awai, Uncle George Na’ope,  Olana ‘Ai, Ellen Gay Dela Rosa and Chinky Mahoe.   Since 2003, her main teacher and influence in hula has been Lehua Kawaikapuokalani Hewett.  Her Kumu Hula under him is Susan Pa'iniu Floyd. Kaleo has traveled extensively to study with them in Hawai’i.  Kaleo also studied Hawaiian Chant privately with Aloha Dalire at her Halau in Kane’ohe in 1998, and what she learned from Auntie Aloha is the foundation of her chanting today.  She has been teaching workshops and classes in Hula and Chant throughout the US and Canada since the early 90’s. 

Kaleo is not Native American nor Hawaiian and does not claim to be.  She is a Haole (a Hawaiian word  for non-Hawaiians) who has spent most of her adult life (the last 30 years) studying indigenous cultures, especially the Hawaiian.  Kaleo also does not claim to be an expert of these indigenous ways, but what she has learned has given her a clearer understanding of purpose, peace and what love is - what we all are looking for and what is the embodiment and foundation especially of the Hawaiian tradition.  She believes that she can bring this same transformation she experienced and a better knowledge, respect and understanding of the these culture to westerners here in the southeast.